About 3Flavours

3 Flavours offers specialist cuisine to clients requiring a personal chef for private jet travel. Our responsive, flexible approach to in-flight meals is personalised to every client’s dietary requirement and preference.

Our team will work with you to understand your client’s agenda to produce meals that complement their busy schedule, whether they’re attending a high-pressure business meeting, live entertainment event or a sports tournament.

Our chefs will make suitable suggestions to ensure clients depart their flight feeling satisfied and fulfilled. Drawing from specialisms in fusion and Pan-Asian cuisine, our chefs will create an innovative in-flight menu that will meet and often exceed your clients’ expectations.

We offer a seamless and highly efficient in-flight meal service for several private jet companies across the globe.


Chicken caesar salad in a white bowl garnished with a red flower
Fillet steak drizzled with sauce, sat on wilted kale

Quality & Consistency

No matter what destination, we never compromise on quality or consistency. Your clients and guests will enjoy tailored menus and an exceptional level of service.